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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

This is our very first post. Before we continue, we should remark that we are a Hungarian company where we think that it is important for the native Hungarian language people to read articles in their mother language. Even if one can speak rather well a learned language the understanding sensation is always different on your own language. Therefore we shall post our blogs sometimes in Hungarian, sometimes in English. When we think that a given article is widely available in other languages as well, then we prefer Hungarian, when an article could be interesting for a wider audience then we shall post it in English. So, this site shall have a mixed language, but this is intentional.

Author: Blockchain Expert Zrt.

Blex is a freshly formed Hungarian startup of exceptional individuals with computer science, engineering and economics background. We all have a deep passion for what we do, and live and breath the hacker spirit. The initiative behind the company was to gather a semi-formal group of highly-skilled, self-organizing individuals, who together represent an extraordinary intellectual and social capital and capable of delivering solutions for even the most complex problems. Two of our co-founders, Peter Schick and Gabor Magyar are influential figures in the Hungarian IT life, the majority of our current members and partners have been approached through their professional network. By now we managed to build a resident team where most of us are close friends or former colleagues, and a network of trusted professionals where we can reach out world class workforce with specialised knowledge.

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